Why Use Email Marketing?

Direct mail and printed material such as brochures have been a staple of marketing strategies. Enter the modern marketing tool that is more effective and thousands of times cheaper! Welcome to the world of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing by YourGuideSite.com As the modern world becomes more reliant on the internet for our day to day activities and business, email has become essential in our lives. Email has replaced the phone as the most used form of communication. We at YourGuideSite.com have been in the Email Marketing business for over ten years and can help you develop a plan that works for your business. By collecting email addresses from your clients and including an opt-in newsletter form on your website we will help you develop a strategy to bring in more clients and more importantly, keep your existing clients coming back.
Even if you currently send out emails, we can help you develop emails that are more attractive and effective.

Note: Email newsletter functionality is already included in most YourGuideSite.com plans.

What makes email the perfect marketing tool?

  • Let clients know of new hunts or charters you are offering
  • Remind your clients from last season that a new season is approaching and list your services
  • After the season has ended thank all the clients and send an email with links to your photo gallery of the successes
  • Send out discount offers for last minute tags you haven't filled yet
  • After initial setup, sending emails doesn't cost a penny for most clients
Bottom Line: You need to be utilizing email marketing in your guide service.

The Power of Email

Below you can see a simple newsletter signup form we can add to your website. You can also easily add existing clients to your email list from a simple interface.

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...Henry Ford